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@CassperNyovest #FillUpTheDome Gets 15,7 Likes In 34 Hours

CassperNyovest #FillUpTheDome Gets 15,7 Likes In 34 Hours

The long awaited #FillUpTheDome is gone live and the tickets are available click here to get yours.
Here my thoughts about it.

I'd like to believe that I'm not a hater but I sometimes see people on social media blowing their own horns for things that have been done before by their predecessors so I'm hardly moved. This though is the biggest thing any South African artist, DJ or personality has done with their own content. It's a historical challenge that's been exclusive to another race with expertise and experience like Big Concerts and those type of companies. Wait let me rephrase Big Concerts and all those companies would never take a risk on a black SA artist or artists like Cassper Nyovest at The Dome so this is defying the odds or going against the grain. Therefore sometimes we need to put our alliances aside and applaud and congratulate something bigger than our personal opinions when the facts are in front of us.
History will record that a local artist called Cassper Nyovest filled the dome all the beefs will be forgotten. If you truly for black progression, entrepreneurship and patriotic on any level the least you'll do is acknowledge the move. Most importantly if you from the hood and understand what ghetto kids are exposed to you'll understand that this is a far fetched dream for a kid from the hood. It's the biggest move in the history of the urban industry. BTW this is not a paid post :)