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Can You Imagine @DJSPEEDSTA #MayoAfroRemix By @DJTira?

Music transcends all borders, all genres sometimes and that's precisely what we can anticipate on this one. Yup! DJ Tira is currently rendering an Afro remix of DJ Speedsta's smash Mayo which features the talented Tellaman, the fiery Shane Eagle and new comer Frank Casino. In a video clip that Tira shared while in studio with DJ Gukwa who's on production, we see him wild out over the keys of the original joint to which some classic pacy house drums have been added to the beat. CLEAR THE DANCE FLOOR BAKITHI!

If there's one thing I love about DJ Tira, it's his supportive spirit man. He's such a team player. Here's to music. Here's to local music. What did pH say? WE MAKE BETTER MUSIC THAN YOU! PERIOD.