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Breaking News: @Rockiefresh Is Coming To South Africa x Set 2 Perform With @Rikyrickworld x @JackParow x @phfat x @Nonkulululu #Represent698

According to my close sources Rockie Fresh is coming to South Africa or he lands this evening. Word has it that he is performing with Riky Rick x Ph Fat x Nonku Phiri X Jack Parrow this Friday Night at Baseline for Puma #Represent698 campaign.

In case you didn't know Rockie is part of the #mmg roster and has been rather quiet with the music lately. Now I'm a die hard Rockie Fresh fan, his mixtape Driving 88 is a classic and its a tape well ahead of its time.
In terms of new music though Rockie Fresh recently teased a new FREE project called "The Night I Went To". See the trailer after the jump.

I wonder of the tape will be called "The Night I went to South Africa". I also wonder if Rockie will record a track with Riky Rick. These are all speculations and I'm just trying to connect the dots here.

Maybe the below statement from Rockie during his Billboard interview is a sign of things to come

"You can always expect genre hopping on my projects. I love working with artists in different genres and also experimenting with different types of music even when I'm creating a song on my own" - Rockie Fresh

Read full interview here

Joburg you in for a treat this Friday.