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#BLIND Release Pushed Back By @Marazamc

I'm listening to Maraza's interview right now on the UJFM Breakfast with AB Da Costa and while we're all excited for the drop of the album, unfortunately we won't be getting it today. Due to "label complications", BLIND will not be available as yet but you can pre-order it on iTunes in the meantime. We should be getting it on the 28th of October, and if we're lucky, even before that. Homie's been pushing hard for these past few weeks as part of the build up to the album drop and being in the game for a while now, we all know how it gets with label intricacies and distribution details. Nothing is ever in the full control of the artist when it comes to these things.

We've got his bonus tracks to keep us busy, PLUS another song off the album. I think we're good mfana, we'll wait.

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