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@BigStar_Live Claims He Might Have The Best Show At Maftown Heights

The Vuzu Hustle winner Bigstar might be a newcomer to the industry, but he is going all out for his performance at Maftown Heights this coming Friday.

The East Rand hip hop artist is putting on a full show at the festival, and the production will be on point, thanks to KFC. On a radio interview with YFM yesterday, Bigstar mentioned that the franchise has come on board as a sponsor for his show, with production experts working with the young hip hop star to wow the audience. He also claimed that he might have the best show at the popular hip hop festival.

BigStar hinted that he will bring some artists that he has worked with like Shane Eagle, who was also part of The Hustle. Check out the video for Shane Eagle's Way Up below and don't forget to get your tickets for Maftown Heights.