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Beatmochini Presents The Band Academy: #FridayReleases

Trompie the homie from PTA has been credited for producing some of Khuli Chana's biggest songs. He has teamed with some homies he grew up with. They call themselves the Band Academy and before you press play read the homie Trompie's story below to understand what inspired the movement.

Almost 12yrs ago, I started working on music with these dudes around my neighbourhood. Despite life changes, we stuck together. No kinda breakups to make ups till to-date.

Together with these dudes, Les-B, Skillo and L-Skillz, we decided in 2011 to form a group, The Band Academy. Since, we only released a single track under Redbull compilation I did with Khuli. This year, a decision of releasing a song per week's Friday, was reached.

Now you can press play:)