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Bars From Marz Writes About @AKAworldwide Composure

So there I was cruising through my TL when in a flatter, my Twitter feed comes alive with word of a new AKA song. This comes as no surprise as it is becoming customary for artists to distribute their work on social media, where interest can be seeded and amplified. Seeing that AKA is one of the biggest Hip Hop names in South Africa right now, I clicked on the supplied link on without hesitation and downloaded the song ‘Composure’ which was also leaked by DJ Milkshake on Soundcloud (I’m sure there is a story there but I couldn’t care less).
I imagine that AKA pictured he was throwing the cat among the pigeons when he made this joint. I imagine that AKA pictured the public making a fuss like a flock of hens and his rapper peers clutching their pearls when they heard what he had to say. I also imagined that AKA pictured this new release blowing a desperate gust of wind into the tired ass sails of the AKA/ Cassper Nyovest beef, bringing alight the excitement that comes with rivalry in the music industry. From what I can gather, ya boy Kiernan has ticked all the boxes.
The feedback from my initial glance at my Twitter timeline is that the song is a multitude of fire flame emojis. I can’t confirm if the song is a diss song or just a way for AKA to vent but what I can confirm is that the beat is hot. It’s fresh and doesn’t sound like it’s influenced by anything that’s out right now which happens way too often in the SA Hip Hop scene. “Why you gassing dawg? Why you coming to my table without asking dawg?” I chuckled at that line, clearly referencing AKA and Cassper’s recent anecdotal slapping kerfuffle. The subject matter of the song will carry on with the subtle but not so subtle references aimed at AKA’s arch nemesis. AKA is calm, collected and gleaning with composure (no pun) with the bars and he gives us a buffet of quotables. It almost sounds like AKA ate a croissant and washed it down with a cup of chamomile tea before recording this song. The surprise element of the track is how AKA bigs up Cassper by saying he used to look up to him and he opens up about his recently estranged fiancé.
Overall the song slaps and catches a fade or two! Kiernan Forbes just seems to be going stride to stride without looking like he’s about to slow down in the near future. I just hope any more work to come from SA’s Hip Hop heavyweights will have a diverted angle away from this ‘beef’ that they have been force feeding us.


Listen to AKA's Composure here