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#BalconyInterview: @YoungstaCPT x @GanjaBeatz On The Cape & Good Dope x Life In Hillbrow

We dropped you a freestyle last week of Youngsta and Slikour going at it, but this is where it all stared. We sat down with him and Ganja Beatz to talk The Cape & Good Dope which essentially represents who each of them are. Youngsta explains how they met up in the first place crediting our favourite plug in the game, DJ Switch, for linking them up. He further takes us through life in Cape Town's Winberg, versus life in Jo'burg's Hillbrow which he says are not too far apart. Except that we Jo'burgers take things to a whole other level of extremity. Hahah! No kidding mate. Youngsta is such a go getter, and a strategic man too saying, *"I won't go stay in the jungle if I don't befriend the lions" when talking about how he conducts himself living in Hillbrow. We also get the backstory of how Ganja Beatz actually came together, how they started out in the same film college, as well as how they met Cassper Nyovest and Riky Rick too. It's pretty encouraging to follow the journey of these fellas, it just goes to show that any dream is attainable if you just keep at it.

Have a look: