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#BalconyInterview: @vthseason On Doing Things First x International Ambition

In part 2 of our conversation with Vth Season's leaders Benza and Ninel, we get to talking about their accomplishments especially across borders. It's clear that if you're tryna pioneer beyond our horizon you need to be having conversations with these experts.

We ask them what happened with AKA last year when it seemed as though they parted on bad terms (which has since been resolved), and they also give us their Top 5 tips of how to go about finding a management team. Shout out to them for the good work they're doing with Big Star, Beritha and Tresor right now. We see y'all!

Have a look:

Catch up on part 1 of this interview here:

The 5 things to look out for when checking for management: