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#BalconyInterview: @ThisIsSoloSA Talks His Brand Positioning x Turning His Parents Into Hip Hop Heads

Solo's home! With the sophomore album Dreams B Plenty out, we caught up with Solo to talk about the album and more. He talks to us about being an accountant to finance his passion, why he doesn't feed into the publicity bait of his relationship, preserving the essence of his craft and turning his parents into believers. This is a man with a plan. A man with the deepest respect for the purity of his music, and it is commendable. He also dispels the misconception that he comes from a wealthy home saying, "There's no need to sell the perception of a struggle". Which I agree with. Why must we look like struggling artists in order to be taken seriously or for us to get anywhere? What do we benefit from such portrayals?

Tap into his state of mind right here: