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#BalconyInterview: @ShabZiMadallion Talks Honing A Personal Audience x Drops Some Bars

I swear this is the first time I've seen Slikour so playful in his freestyles. That's when you know that ShabZi is the real deal. He bounces back at the end though, what a sport!

In part 2 of our sit down with ShabZi Madallion we get into what kind of an artist he sees himself as in the broader picture and he lets us into the way he approaches his fan base. It truly is a solid plan to harness something that you know is definite because that will only yield more results from your consistency. Praise to ShabZi for having this mentality. We also get a sermon from the OG Slik about sticking to your plan. Man, this interview is dope!

Peep part 1 of this interview here: