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#BalconyInterview Pt. 2: @reece_youngking On @PJayB3nchMarQ x Getting Along With Women

"Cause the bars don't struggle and the struggle don't stop..." - Hova

If you thought A-Reece was here for play-play then you got another thing coming. In part 2 of our sit down with the young king, we get a glimpse of just how passionate he is about the work he does and how much of his soul is in all this music. We spoke to him about the inspiration behind one of his songs Cassper's Picture just before we get into his relationship with P Jay. It's all so beautiful the paradise they share. He lights up when he talks about him. Of course we had to double check the status quo with the gorgeous Natasha Thahane who's been the muse in the Mngani and Sebenza music videos. Ladies, Reece is single okay? But that's not an invite either. He's just a sweet boy who understands how to communicate with women, thanks to his precious mama. After this interview, you won't help but feel like you know the boy a little better.

Have a look:

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