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#BalconyInterview Part 2: @YoungstaCPT x @GanjaBeatz Talk Uniting CPT & JHB x Being Social Commentators

"What we need to do is bring out who we are and our experiences through music."

Powerful! We continue with the "fantastic four", Youngsta and Ganja Beatz as we now talk about the importance of putting your story in your music. Youngsta talks about his friend E-Jay, also van die Kaap, as well as being raised by a single mother and having a turmoiled teenagehood loving hip hop and all. The Cape & Good Dope collective talk about uniting Cape Town and Jo'burg which spills into a sentimental conversation about how blacks and coloureds of Mzantsi treat each other. Youngsta advocates for coloureds also being part of the liberation struggle, which black people need to recognise and appreciate too. The Cape & Good Dope are definitely social commentators, and it's written in Youngsta's rhymes and DNA. Shout out to inspirations like Prophets of the City, Brasse Vannie Kaap, Goddessa, Mr Devious and Black Noise for paving the way for more talents in the Cape. Ganja Beatz explains the tour and music video plans for this project, and they also let our that Hemeel is dropping a track with Youngsta, rapping! Whuu! Can't wait to hear that! The key takeout of this interview is how timing is everything man. Believe in your own time. In your own journey. Just never give up!

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Slikour and Youngsta freestyle off the dome! (NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED)