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#BalconyInterview part 2: @ThisIsSoloSA Talks #DreamsBPlenty x The Heart Of The Album

Solo drops more jewels on us in this second part of our conversation with him. He continues with the story of his mother and where he got his hustling spirit from. He also tells us how he and Dineo met. A very admirable thing about Solo is his work ethic and he tells us how his team works hard whether people are watching or not. We then go through the album tracklist geeking out over each track an d the quotables on them. Now, a lot of us love Jubilee NoLigamo so he explains in depth about where it comes from and it being the heart of the album. Man, Dreams B Plenty is not to be slept on. Homie best expresses himself through a body of work and his story is one you want to be part of. Get yourself a physical copy of the album if you're the autograph type like he speaks of in Poster Child.

Watch the interview over here:

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