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#BalconyInterview part 2: @ANATII Gives Lessons On Authentic Global Relationships x #ARTIIFACTTour

In part 2 of our chat with Anatii, we continue talking international connects but he opens us up to what he's really trying to do. Anatii's trying to be a pioneer for organic relationships between South Africans and international artists the world over by creating a culture of authentic collaboration and not just emailed verses or strict bookings. The #ARTIIFACTTour is one such effort where we see him rope in Omarion as a partner in his concert to showcase a different take on international performances this side. "We gotta make it happen for the culture" he says. To be honest, we need to elevate beyond the greatness we're currently exuding within our borders and this here is one sure way to do it.

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