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#BalconyInterview: @manifestive On Trap, Afrobeats & African Creatives Connecting

Nothing but gems only in our sit down with international, Ghanaian rapper - M.anifest. I revere this man so much. Just look at his cool? Ai ngeke!

He firstly talks to us about what his trip to Mzantsi was about before we tap into the music talk. We should know that the predominant African sound is Afrobeats, a fusion of multiple elements from various regions across the continent ranging from dancehall, kwaihop, reggae, hip hop and traditional instruments (djembe drums etc). The western region of Africa flourishes in this here department as you'll notice that a lot of Nigerian artists become international exports as a result.

This is what M.anifest refers to when he says that hip hop in Ghana is not as big as this (fusion) genre is. M.anifest also sheds some light about the culture of following that we have in music these days saying that it's great to allow everyone to express themselves, but there also needs to be a level of honesty from the artists who know that music is not for them. I love that. His spirit is so free and nonchalant, although very strong-minded. Give this man a brand new, fresh tailored Kente gown to add to his collection!

Peep this interview below: