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#BalconyInterview: @official_jubjub Catches Up To New Fashion, Social Media x Talks Being Strong

This is by far one of our most eventful Balcony Interviews. When you think about it, life really does go on and it's evident in how Jub Jub is shocked at some of the things we have become accustomed to with the changes in our world. Today's (male) fashion trends being the biggest eye raiser for him. It's hilarious!

We refresh him a bit on how social media works but he's not too sold on indulging himself into it. That all black gear situation is how I feel sometimes about these trolls on the internet my brother, don't worry we get it! But on the really, we get into how he managed to keep his head steady through the storm and it's true that family will always have your back regardless. That, and the power of God to boost your tiring wings.

Tap into our catch up with him over here:

Stream his latest single Shooting Star below: