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Are We Ready For The @WTF_DBN EP?

Remember when we asked you if you had title suggestions for WTF's upcoming EP? That was last month already and it seems they're done with the work. We don't know what they decided to call it and on which date it will drop next month. How do we know it's dropping next month? Well, they said so. We ain't even finna act like we know things you don't. Anyway, the boys will be making official announcements SOON! Yes, our favourite rap timeline. Did they ever say what the winning title suggestions gets the creative who came up with it? Or did they decide to come up with their own name afterall? Who's on the EP? Is it just them?

Questions. Questions. We'll wait...

In the meantime, stream amaTROPHY ft K.O here:

Download amaTROPHY here