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Are SA Rappers Ready For GhostWriters? Peep Your Favourite Rappers Ghostwriters

The 10th Commandment in the Hip Hop Bible; Thou shalt not use a ghostwriter; is a well known big no-no. If you break this commandment make sure to bury that skeleton deep because heaven forbid it sees the light of day!

Some of your favs, both past & present still use ghostwriters to unlock their 'writers block' & when Meek tried to expose Drake for having a ghostwriter, Quentin Miller (which quite notably backfired in a spectacular blaze of glory), many chose to overlook that fact as if Aubrey was an error 404 message in the whole incident.. I’m from the school where if you had the nerve to call yourself a rapper/MCee, you best be writing your own damn lyrics beloved but unfortunately we now live in an era were album sales defines a great MCee.

Ever wondered if your favorite verse from a rapper was too good to be true? Clutch your pearls because some of the biggest anthems were not penned by your fav.

Here's a List of tracks that had a ghostwriter fingerprints all over it:

"10 Bands" by Drake, I mean Quentin Miller

"Still D.R.E" by Dre: Hov wrote Dr Dre's verses

"Get Jiggy With It" by Will Smith: Nas was behind the pen. Nasir probably had to tap into his inner corniness for this

"Boys N' Tha Hood" by Eazy E: I was really touched that Eazy didn't write his own lyrics, a man who had a killer perm but dololo lyricism ability sigh. The boy Ice Cube ghostwrote this jam for Eazy

"Jesus Walks" by Kanye West: I know a lot of folk were in their feelings when it was revealed Mr Kardashian either had entire songs ghostwritten or, or contributed a few bars at best. Arguably Ye's crossover breakout hit "Jesus Walks". Was written by Rhymefest

"Crush On You"by Lil Kim ft Lil Cease: Cam'ron the Dipset General ghostwrote Lil Cease verse and got paid R68 506.24 for his services. I just feel like my childhood was a lie, and here I was rating Cease highly

"Coming Of Age" by Jay Z ft Memphis Bleek: So it turns out Hov wrote one of Bleek's most memorable verse