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Why 'SINCE 1990' by @OfficialTshego Is 4AM x Driving With Your Bae Music

I won't lie when I heard that Cassper had signed @OfficialTshego to Family Tree I had to go do some investigating and find out who dude actually is.This is prolly the last thing you want to hear on how people end up listening to your music but you know you did the same thing I did when the news broke out. It's cool cause we know him on that 'Cold Hearted' joint but when I started digging deeper on who this dude actually is and his sound I found a body of work that talks on an artist who has been working and waiting for the world to hear his music, his story and how he will finally define his place in SA Hip Hop x SA music. You can't box this dude in one category and you will see why im saying this at the end of this piece.

One thing to keep in mind when you read this is 'Since 1990 album is '4AM music, driving with your bae, when the world is at the right pace and place'.


As a writer x fan of the music for me it's always about the story of the artist cause that makes the music x content more interesting. In my mind this formula makes it easy for me to listen to music that breaks through the clutter cause everyone is a rapper these days. Tshego's story in this regard is rather interesting. Born in America on the 21st of May 1990, in Atlanta, Georgia. Born in the USA by chance as his parents were studying abroad their native continent of Africa, Tshego would frequent South Africa from the age of 4 until he would eventually settle in Mafikeng.

Only Cassper and Family Tree know why dude got signed. If I had to take a wild guess I think its the type of sound that @OfficialTshego possesses which for now may be alien to a few ears but if you give it time it may be the type of music you appreciate. Don't get me wrong vernac is cool but with this type of music you either quick to dismiss it or you should just press play and light one up with your bae as you drive into the sunset rolling in a drop top convertible after a night out in the town.

This is 4AM music in my mind when everything just seems damn nice and damn right. Its that music when the world is at the right pace and place and the mood is just right. You get the picture I'm trying to paint right?

Come on you can't not say this is not some 4AM music cuzzo? Press play again and hear the mood.

According to @OfficialTshego “Since 1990” represents what Tshego feels he has owed the art of music, lovers of music, and himself. Listen to "Since 1990" below

It's a shame that this album is available as a free download. Props to @OfficialTshego on a dope album and its amazing that you produced this album. Listen to it above and try playing it at 4AM with your bae.