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@IamClaro Unlocks @AKAWorldWide x Creates 1st SA Hip Hop Job Interview Via Twitter

Hands up if you want to join the Kingdom?

Twitter on Sundays is always going to be interesting. Actually many people (including myself) go to Twitter to see if anything weird, funny, interesting, awesome, amazing, wack, lame happened and who did it and why they did it.

This post though aint about any of the obvious stuff we used to posting. You see when it comes to AKA timing is everything if you are a fan who wants to join the Kingdom. Yip that's what one fan did. Peep what Claro did on a beautiful sunny day when the king was in a good mood.

Claro saw the gap here..

He got what he wanted and this is how it all started..

Claro goes for the jugular. You can see Kid knows what he wants to do with the Mega.

Ekse Claro aint playing neh? You can tell he's day1

Lol. This answer was mad dope.. hahahaha "Royal Subjects"

I think Claro was waiting for this question...

Nobody expected this answer. Give it up to the kid.

Lol and The Mega did not back down

Not to bad of an answer Claro

Eish the business question. What value will he bring to the Kingdom?

Oh boy. This is a dope answer. But...

This is true tho.

And just like that the interview is over x time for the Kingdom to decide..

Improvement? The kid gave AKA a plan tho..He wants to make him cooler.

2 months is a good look.

Yip he was very confident indeed.

Its an interview tho. Its just talk for now though homes.

And the King speaks.


Mad respect to Claro. The king spoke to you in front of the world. Hopfully YOU WILL? GET THAT CALL