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@Akaworldwide x @Burnaboy Record First Ever Official @Loeries Song

Loeries 2015 is in Durban this year (Durban Stays Winning Tho) As part of the weekend Loeries got AKA x Super Mega x Don Doro Mega to record a track featuring @Burnaboy x produced by @TiMOODV @DjClock. Its dope that SA Hip Hop once again is at the forefront and shouts to Loeries for the track.

The track is titled NO and peep the low down on why its called NO !!

The track, entitled “NO!” is a collaboration between award-winning South African rapper AKA, Nigerian superstar Burna Boy, and popular South African producers DJ Clock, and Timo ODV, and echoes the “How many NOs” campaign created by King James II to illustrate a creative’s daily frustration of having work turned down, and the determination and perseverance it takes to win one of these prestigious awards.
Source: IOL

Creating the song "NO!" was a hugely successful adventure and we look forward to more. We’ve created Songstruct especially for creatives, and our involvement with Loeries offers us the ideal platform to reach out to this very important audience,” says Ryan Hill, Managing Director of Universal Music Publishing.
Source: IOL