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@AKAworldwide Wants To Retire SA Flag Cause SA Gives Him The Most Grief

@Akaworldwide Wants To Retire SA Flag Cause Of SA Fans

Dj Cleo posted this last night with caption
This is some hurtful ish, is it this easy to trash someone thats done so much?

A lot of mixed emotions with some people feeling that AKA was really there for himself and the constant shots at other artists doesnt show that he was representing the movement, some fans feel that the posts about pies,Redds etc were also demeaning to the fans cause most of them that have the music cant afford the lifestyle, while another group is totally defensive and supports all of AKA's statements and feels that he is bold cause he asks or says things people are thinking but never say.
If you remove your emotions we cant deny that AKA is probably the most entertaining rapper on social media. Whether that leads to more growth or his demise only time will tell.
I'd like to know what you think cause being acknowledge by the BET's is not a small achievement.
Do we ignore that and focus on the personalities flaws or flawlessness depending on which you think is correct?
Or do we support him cause of the stature or perception that an international award could bring to South African artists?