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#AbaRight By @PalmTree_ZA Drops Tomorrow

After the huge success of their single Unbelievable which has lead to collaborations with industry stalwarts like Reason, DJ Speedsta, Maraza, WTF and Destruction Boyz, the highly conceptual Hip Hop collective Palm Tree Paradise from Durban has decided to release their second single Aba Right. The single will serve as the anthem for their much anticipated national summer music campaign.

The song is set to kickstart the summer in the best way possible by providing an upbeat yet highly musical club banger which their loyal fans can play in the car or at work, but in all honesty this banger is best enjoyed burning up the charts on radio and lighting up dance floors of clubs. “We been grinding for way too long mjitha, sicel’ AbaRight” – that is the motto and leading theme of the song as Palm Tree Paradise motivates people of all races and backgrounds to sing along and enjoy the festive season as they are serenaded by the sounds of the hottest musical act in Durban.

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