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7 Things We Learned During @Rikyrickworld Twitterview With Cotton Eaters

Last night Riky Rick had an impromptu chat with his cotton eaters. The cotton eaters asked King Kotini everything underneath the sun. They wanted to know when he will be dropping new music, what the album will sound like and if BoyznBucks is still together. But my favorite part of this chat was when Riky explained how he can spot fake Gucci a mile away. Because we like to streamline things for y'all, we chose the top 7 things which were interesting in the twitterview.

Peep what we learned after the jump.

1. Expect a kwaito sound this summer.

2. He can spot fake Gucci a mile away.

3. His bars are often overlooked 'cause of the cotton.

4. His next album will be very musical.

5. BoyznBucks lives forever.

6. New single dropping next week. Scooby snacks are saved for the album.

7. A true cotton eater eats cotton. You just need to believe.

Let's all rise for the cotton eater's anthem!