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6 Things We Learned About @Nasty_CSA During Our #ANastyCelebration TwitterView

Last week we had two Twitterviews with Nasty C. I was very fortunate to chat with Nasty C during his birthday week cause he was really busy. I mean he dropped his mixtape , dropped a new single "Hell Naw" and even dropped a music video all in one week. But we managed to chat and chop it up on all things like when his album is coming out x who he will be featuring on the album x why he does not eat vegetables.

Peep the 6 things we learned from the youngin.

1.He is producing his debut album


Nasty C is known for producing most of his music so this was no surprise when he revealed that the album he is working on will have majority of the production done by him.

2.He does not let success get to his head


When I asked him how it feels being successful as a 19 year old Nasty C said that he does not let it get to his head and does everything for people that support him and his career.

3.He would like to make a record with Danny K


Out of everything that we spoke about this statement is the one that rattled me abit. When I asked him who he wanted to work with he tweeted Danny K. I was taken back because I was expecting him to say SA Hip Hop rappers but he went very left. Come to think about a Danny K x Nasty C track would sound interesting.

4.He took a day off on his birthday


Seeing that it was his birthday when we conducted this Twitterview I asked him what normal thing did he do. Nasty C let me know that he took a day off x did nothing. But you can download the track with Stilo here because this is a perfect coincidence.

5.He does not eat vegetables but drinks lots of milk


When it comes to food choices Nasty C drinks plenty of milk but no vegetables. I know you are wondering what happened to the juice right?

6.He does not mind making a track with AKA

The last interesting thing which was a question that peeps asked me to ask Nasty C is if he will ever make a track with AKA. You can check the answer in the tweet below. And man that track would be something else right?

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