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5 Ways To Spot A Hip Hop Hater

With the recent spat that our local artists have been getting on these social media streets and some even saying our won artists don't get love we decided to tell 5 ways that you can spot a hater.

1 Haters have no following on Twitter & Facebook

Crazy part about haters is that most of them are new to the social media game and they pretty much say anything they want to say.

2 Haters are quick to say something bad about artists

The sad truth is when someone is doing well we should congratulate them right? But nope a hater is quick to say anything bad just to get their opinion out there. They are always looking for negative stuff to say. Most of them dont even know what it takes to get to the point of an artists success. The sad reality is that most of them will never reach the level of success of some of the artists they hating even in their personal careers…..that if they got one.

3 Haters are always looking for WIFI Hotspots

Look if you want to bring it then you gotta bring it. You see a hater never reacts when jabs are thrown on social media. This leads to the point that most haters are lurking in free wifi zones looking to throw jabs seconds later. This is social media. When a hater takes a while to respond they prolly looking for a free wifi hotzone.

4 They love rap but can't rap and wanted to be a rapper growing up

You know that dude that always rapped in a cipher but never made it in the rap game? Yeah thats a hater. You see its very wrong for a hater to go out there and call out artists when they do so much for the game. More than often a hater sees someone more talented than them and then begin to hate.

5 Attention Seekers

Last but not least. A hater wants to trend so bad that they hate for no reason. Trending is dope if you have a motive but for a hater its just for attention. They quick to ask why other people are trending like they in charge of the trends map icon. It seems all a hater thinks about when they see success is why him and not me.

Next time you spot a hater remember these 5 points