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5 Ways To Get A Brand Endorsement


With so much happening in our culture I think its time we shed light on how you can get a brand to endorse you. These are the top 5 ways you can get a brand to buy into what you doing.

1. Have A Story


A brand exists to tell a story. Better yet a brand wants ways in today's world of online media to best communicate who they are and what they stand for. Where do you come in? You have to have a story that has meaning that a brand can best leverage off. In the world of branding this is called Synergy so you best make sure your story is fresh enough to get attention from brands.

2. Have A Track Record


Brands seldom mess with an unknown artist unless they are looking at growing you. A track record is important for brands to view your body of work. So you best make sure that your material has a track record. Tweeting aint enough. You need work that shows how long you been at the craft you repping.

3. Have Influence

Brands spend alot of money buying media space to compete with other brands to get their message out there. Fast forward to 2015 brands are finding new ways to get their message out there. Where do you fit in? You should invest in an influence strategy to make sure you noticed. What do i mean by investing? I mean you should be top of mind when it comes to being the go to guy to get a message out there. Twitter Followers are cool but how powerful are you in selling water to a well?

4. Stay In Your Lane

I was tempted to call this point "Authenticity". Well it is authenticity but Staying in your lane makes more sense. Brands are always on the look out for someone who is doing things differently. Think long and hard on the endorsements in our culture. You will notice that its with homies who are repping something new and fresh. They call it "Authenticity" I call it Staying in your own lane cause that's what makes you different.

5. Be Proactive

The last point and prolly the most important one. As an artist you need to be proactive. You need to do things that have not been done. Sending an email is cool but how are you different from the other cats sending proposals. The way I see it you have to be proactive by doing whats not been done.

Follow these 5 points and you may be getting an endorsement quicker than you think...