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5 Ways SA Hip Hop Masses Welcomes Spring And Summer


No more dry season for the artists with bookings popping up every weekend even the most overlooked artists should pass with atleast one gig. If not you either aren't working hard enough,you know the wrong people or you've chosen the wrong career.

Rise Of The SideChick

As the bookings pack up the girls start going out more and dressing less which obviously widens the opportunity for a lot of casual relationships. Its the wrong time to try be steady with your favourite artist cause there's so many options. If you already steady main chicks need to realise that its the season of the side chicks. This obviously applies for a huge majority of your favourite artists not all.

Artist Owned Events

Artists owned Spring Summer events start flooding all our social media timelines from this month till December. Without me applying myself I already have examples in my head that have already happened or are about to i.e. Major League Gardens, SAHipHopAwards, Pop Bottlez, this years new entry Fill The Dome, Maftown Heights. Most of these are owned by individuals in the culture.Also make sure you look out for the wave of brand and broadcaster events. We'll only rest after the first of January.


Artist are dropping singles right now so they can hopefully catch fire in the festive season.This obviously means a great festive and normally a vacation in Jan for the artists. The joints that have already been released include Dj Sliqe's ELife,Smashis DaynNight, Dj Vigi Pasop, Cassper Nyovest, TolAssMo,MIMI whats still on the way is Major League,Da L.E.S, AKA,Solo,Riky Rick,Stilo Magolide just to name a few.

Summer Madness

A lot of fans,groupies,wannabes and liker of things living beyond their means and ending up at events with no transport to get back home or accommodation in a city far from home. Please dont be that girl or guy if you can live the life dont embarrass yourself its not worth it or maybe it is after all whats summer without some chaos.