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5 Verses From Vic Mensa #There'sAlotGoing Which Spoke About Roc Nation x Jay Z x Kanye

Credit: Rap Genius

1.New York City on my birthday, June 6th, 2014 I had that first meeting with Hov, plus I brought out the whole team I drank that whole bottle of D'usse Ty Ty gave me that night

On June 6th, 2014, Vic was in New York City to celebrate his birthday 21st birthday. First he showed up to the Governor’s Ball for his performance of Gorillaz’s “Clint Eastwood,” and later Vic went on to perform at Manhattan’s Webster Hall.

2.When I saw Kanye at Wireless, without T-Pain, still a good life. Felt so close when Mr. Hudson introduced me to him backstage He prolly don't even remember that shit... like a bitch off Backpage But at that stage, I was ready to swing for the fence like a batting cage

Out of a track, Vic traces his catharsis and purges his demons. The message he shares and relays to the readers/listeners is his apotheosis of sorts through past problems. With the end of the mixtape, Vic sums his pent up ambition and just burning flame into a single track that paves the hype for the upcoming album.Kanye approved of the self-directed video, released for the song on June 3rd.

3.Ye and Hov getting into it over me, tryna do a joint venture And G.O.O.D. Music still fam, but it's that Roc boy SAVEMONEY life

Kanye and Jay Z are two of Vic’s biggest mentors. In February of 2015 Vic was featured on Wolves at the Yeezy Season 1 launch event. Later in March 2015, Vic released U Mad featuring Kanye West on his Soundcloud. It was later released to iTunes in April. Vic also signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation in April 2015.
Kanye wants to make music with Vic, as does Jay Z, which results in the two arguing over who gets to first.
Even though the two made U Mad and Wolves, which was the 13th track on Kanye’s album The Life of Pablo, Vic realizes how Kanye, founder of G.O.O.D. Music, comes after his current label of Roc Nation and his Chicago crew, SAVEMONEY.

4.The violence and the lies slipped suicide into my mental healthI did acid in the studio one day and almost killed myself As I started to fall apart, certain stars started to align
Om'Mas came to Chicago in January at the perfect time
He said Kanye was working on an album, and Uzi played him one of our songs

Om'Mas Keith is a Grammy Award winning producer who has worked with Frank Ocean, Jay Z and Kanye West. Additionally, Vic and Om'Mas Keith collaborated on songs including RUN!, Fear and Doubt and Holy Holy, all off of Vic’s mixtape INNANETAPE.

Michael Uzowuru, or “Uzi” as Vic calls him, is a producer known for working with Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt and Vic Mensa. The collaborations between the two include Vic’s releases Tweakin and Yap Yap off of INNANETAPE, and Uzowuru’s song Waves.

In January 2015, Om'Mas Keith saw Vic in Chicago, and told him that he had played Kanye one of the songs Vic made with Uzowuru. Ye liked Uzi’s work, and soon after Vic linked with to work on The Life of Pablo.

5.At this time it's like Feb. 1st to the 15th, and I'm still addicted Frustrated, writing shit for Ye, tryna visualize someone else's vision Then he laid that verse on "U Mad" and we made the shit the single

On ““Heir to the Throne”, Vic clarified he had already made “U Mad” before he even met Kanye.Don’t chalk my success up to Kanye influenceNigga, I made U Mad before I met dude ass
However, once Kanye laid down his verse for the track, Vic made it the official single to his upcoming debut album, Traffic.