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5 Things You Never Knew About @MissDeniseZimba From Our #OnlifeTV Interview

The Struggle Was Real During The Shoot Of Fly Chicks.

She lived in her car when they were shooting Fly Chicks. The life that they showed you on the reality show was not real but the struggle was.

FlyChicks Was Her Concept Which Was Changed For Tv:

The end product wasn't what she wanted. It was inspired by Spice Girls and she had a vision of creating merchandise and they weren't trying to come across like they could do it all. She walked away cause it became something she never planned for it to be.


She's got an anonymous boyfriend whose not in the country. She doesn't want to share where the dude is but when we close the interview she drops a hint... I think he is in Germany.

She's From Rustenburg

She's a Tswana chick and wants to to clarify that for people who keep confusing her for any other race. Her first name is Kopano but on the Fly Chicks reality show they forced her to use Denise cause that sounds like a rockstar.


With her partners she's invested in a play which is a special project for her.

We start our balcony interview with Denise next week she's vibrant, smart and has a dope energy.Make sure you catch that next week.