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5 Things You Missed On Slikour's Chat With @MoflavaDJ On #TheMorningFix

"AKA and Cassper created the first SA hip Hop beef that the media has entertained. The media is talking about this beef on the same level as Orlando Pirates and Kazier Chiefs"


Earlier on today Slikour chopped up all things SA Hip Hop with Moflava on Metro FM #TheMorningFix . In the call Slikour broke down all things which are happening in the game currently.

In case you missed the convo peep the 5 things you missed out on.

1. Can SA Hip Hop artists Make A Living?

Moflava started the convo by asking the question on whether or not our artists can make a living from Hip Hop. Its no secret x no brainer that SA Hip Hop is on the rise.

"Everything has its time frame in the game and artists can and are eating right now."

2. Who is making a living now?

The old age question of artist vs Dj was the second topic that was chopped up by Slik x Moflava. According to Slikour SA Hip Hop DJ's do well but its all about consistency at the end of the day.

"The artists do super well but the DJ'S tho have a consistent stream of income"

3. Royalties in SA Hip Hop

Slik x Moflava eventually got to chop about the names in the game who are seeming to be getting it right.


"Guys like Tweezy who produced #RunJozi which just went Gold are getting it right cause of Royalties you now. K.O is another cat who is involved as a producer and as an artist is killing it and getting it right from a royalty point of view"


4.#Cassper and AKA beef should stay in the music.
The big fluffy elephant was once again chopped up by Slikour x Moflava. I like what Slikour said here about this beef in that it should be all about the music and it should not get nasty.


"Cassper has built his career on reputation and when AKA dropped composure that reputation was being questioned because it infringes on his credibility and people were asking themselves if Casper would come back from Composure"


5. Should Cassper and AKA make peace

Towards the end of the interview Moflava asked Slikour if Cass and AKA should make peace. As a hip hop fanatic and a dude who loves the culture peace is something we all want but will this happen?


"I wish Cassper and AKA well in life, living, wisdom beyond this beef. I also wish that they grow to be successful artists and when they look back at this they realize that it was part of the game"