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6 Things We Never Knew From @DJSPEEDSTA Until He Spoke With OnlifeTv


*I been presenting a tv show on Soweto TV from 2011 and people dont know this. I've always wanted to be a dj and at the same time be a personality.

He has been on TV for a moment or rather thats where his career really started at Soweto TV, being a dj was what popped of firstor rather it mays seem like his on the same lane as other dis but he has his own plan.

2.His Next Single Will Be Produced By Him.

I'm giving myself a year, when you go to my house now I have a studio where Im producing beats and I feel as djs we misleading the audience by saying we have singles we never produced.

His practicing right now to get his beats right so the next single he drops outside the tape will be produced by Dj Speedsta the credit is authentic.

3.He got no love for the President

Fine we have a shit president how many times when you mention the name of your president its a joke. He uses this analogy to show that we dont love ourselves as our people and in our country we let bad things happen to us and we dont align or work together.

4.He's aware of how fickle the industry is.

The more he does well he has noticed how people change over time. He grew up with white kids and feels black people in the industry are fake and they pretend too much. One of Emtees songs resonates the most to him cause Emtee mentions that black people dont want to see each other succeed. He feels South Africans generally dont love each other.

5He Feels A Lot Of Artists Dont Know What He Has Done For Them.

A lot of niggers dont understand what I've done for them but let me drop a single tomorrow I wont even get a mention from them. If we all have unity we'd all be nice

Dj Speedsta feels that a lot of guys aren't aware what he has done for them whether its through him playing their music on radio,television or the clubs. He feels if cats were less fake the industry would have a lot more wealthier artists but everything is in the air with some of the artists.

6The Ogees Really Influence His Moves:

Once again it goes back to the OG mentality for me. If you look at a lot of the ogees they dont give a fuck about awards.

Whether its Euphonik,Tumi or Blackcoffee Dj Speedsta learns from cats before him and bases his moves from the learnings he receives from them.

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