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5 Things We Learned From @CassperNyovest x @SizweDhlomo @MTVbaseAfrica #BehindTheStory Interview

We dropped Cassper's #BehindTheStory with MTVBase and Sizwe Dhlomo interviews this week. Cassper had a lot to talk about so we highlighted 5 things that you missed on the interview.

Peep The 5 Things We Learned After The Jump Though

1. Cassper Has Three Siblings x His late brother inspired him to be a rapper

"I idolized my late brother more than my dad. He was fearless guy and that is why I am fearless today cause nothing can stop me"


Cassper is one of those dudes who is always vocal about the love he has for his family. His debut album was dedicated to his sister and if you pay careful attention to "Refiloe" album artwork you can once again see the love Cassper has for his family as he has them on the cover. But the real interesting thing which was interesting on his talk with Siz is when he mentioned how his late brother was fearless and he respected him more than his dad.

2. He dropped out of school cause the voice was too loud

"My mother cried when I quit school. It really hurt me to see her cry and this motivated me to fail"


It is a well known fact that Cass dropped out of high school and is now living his dream. What is interesting about this story is how his mom is/was a teacher and he decided not to follow her rules. Im sure it was tough when Cass chose to go this way. I respect Cassper more now cause he always advocates for kids to go to school cause quiting school and doing your own thang is tough x its not for everyone.

As an aside - we really need to hit up Niecy who took Cassper in because he always mentions her in his raps you know.

3. HHP told him not to disrespect people

"I was performing with HHP and I rocked up wearing shades cause I thought I had made it x I was feeling myself. But HHP pulled me aside and said never wear shades on stage, you can never be above the people."


When Cassper mentioned this in the interview I cringed. I started thinking how true it is for artists to respect the paying fans because at the end of the day they are the ones who purchase the music.

4. He is a marketing Genius


"Not getting our music being played on radio made me want to make my music accessible to my fans. That is why I did the DataFileHost thing."

Music downloads in South Africa have become a real thing bro. As a site we understand the value of downloads and ever since we created our download option we have seen enormous growth in terms of downloads. For Cassper though he really did change the way people get free music. He would drop a track and it would get a big response. I also remember Dimplez also saying that free music maybe killing the industry. Not sure how he feels about that now.

5. He is over beefing with AKA


"It is over for me and I am so far ahead that I want to inspire kids now and don't want to beef with nobody."

What would a Cassper interview be without him mentioning AKA huh? Well when Siz asked the question Cassper counted all the things which he did and said that he's over the beef and has better things to focus on now.

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