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5 Things We Learned From #AskTrilly @Ginger_trill Twitterview

1.He was supposed to get an international deal but it never happened

"I got this deal with a big big brand - international ... It was supposed to change my life !! It didn't #AskTrilly". Ginger answered this when someone asked him what the rhymes
"my deal ain't cool for shit" or something on "I got bills and shit" track mean. Well I guess we now what it means now right ?

2. Bills and Shit is the greatest rhyme he has ever written

3. He does not smoke weed.

A fan asked him how many does he spark on a regular. Truly then dismissed that he smokes the holy herb in the below tweet.

4. He is not signed to Motif but would love to sign with them

This was a surprise. Ginger Trill said he is not signed to Motif but wouldn't mind penning with Tumi's lable. I mean imagine if Ginger was on that roster. He did also say that he wants to stand on his own before signing with anyone.

5. His favorite MC in SA Hip Hop is Kid X

This makes sense because these guys have the same type of vibe and energy. I also think Ginger is saying this cause career wise they may be on the same level. Simply put Kid X and Ginger are highly slept on.