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5 Things We Learn From The NWA Movie - Straight Outta Compton

Peep The Trailer:

With an awesome response in the market and being number one for two straight weeks its no question that this movie was a commercial success.The production budget was 28 million dollars and its gross sales are already approaching 200 million dollars. Straight Outta Compton is not only a success for the NWA brand but also hip hop fans.Why? because the music biopic had the highest ever start in its category, eclipsing previous entries like Ray ($20 million in 2004), Notorious ($20 million in 2009) and Walk the Line ($22 million in 2005). Here are 5 things that you'll learn when watching this movie

1.DRE Outta Compton

The movie could of been easily called Dre Outta Of Compton. The main character the movie follows is Dr Dre his the heart of the story. He carries the vision while Eazy-E carried the faith with his investment and Cube wrote the stories. Its makes it clear why Dre has been in the forefront for everything thats changed the culture in hip hop. Think about it NWA, Dr Dre Chronic, Snoop Dogg, Eminem,50 Cents and Kendrick Lamar. At their prime these artists have probably sold more than any other hip hop artist and Dre had a hand in it.

2. The Rise And Fall Of Suge Knight:

Without giving away too much Suge Knight is currently in jail for a murder case, a video came out where he crashed a person/friend with his truck.He needs $10 million for bail. There are enough scenes that show why he was the most feared person then and probably how his life is where it is now.

3. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg comes across like a care-free happy go luck guy with a bit of a hard head. I can believe it when they say he freestyles on most of his albums cause his eagerness to get on the mic and rap is that of a little child who cant get enough of their new toy.

4.Police Brutality

American police brutality is nothing new from the Rodney King incident to the various things the group experienced as superstars. If Clive Naidoo had his phone camera in Compton he would of had the publics sympathy.:)

5 Ice Cube Priorities

Although Ice Cube was the bad ass lyricist he seem to be the most grounded and most family orientated out of all the members. He's the first to call out Jerry and Eazy and bold enough to walk away from NWA at their peak, he gets married at a young age and manages by his wife,further testimony is that his son plays his part in the movie. Yes they say they auditioned a lot of people to find the right cast and O'shea Jackson Jr plays his dad well but Im sure Ice Cube knew they'd be some backlash especially considering all the members have kids too. It shows Cube's priorities as a person, the one time he loses his temper is caused by family commitments his made cause he was expecting some money from the label. Its no co-incedence his wife managed his personal affairs and his son plays the part of something so personal to him.
I'll let you watch the movie to see it for yourself.

All in all Im grateful I was in a generation that had NWA make sure you watch Straight Outta Compton its will be released tomorrow at all Ster Kinekors.