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5 Things We Can Expect When @DJVigilanteSA @Nasty_CSA @AkaWorldwide @MrCashime Track Drops

"You experts with your guess work talk a lot of number two's"

AKA is right it's has been a while since you experts I last played guessing games with you guys. Moreover its been a while since a huge record featuring three big time artists dropped in recent months. By big I mean each of these guys easily appear on some peoples top 5 list hands down.

Peep the 5 Things We Can Expect When @DJVigilanteSA @Nasty_CSA @AkaWorldwide @MrCashime Track Drops

1. AKA's Flow

Few moons ago AKA said he would be switching his style and let the youngins do the trap thing. So how will AKA sound like on this new Vigi record? I have no idea but if we look at the current body of work from Doro I would say that we going to get a more lyrically sounding AKA on this one. Something also tells me that he may be on the hook.

2. MrCashTime To Skhanda or Not To Skhanda

We have been running many polls online and the one thing that peeps keep mentioning is the attachment that KO has with Skhanda Sound. So my hypothesis is that KO will show up big time on this one. And yes SKhanda sound will always be the signature that MR Cashtime bodies this record with.

3. Nasty C x His Best Verse On Every Song Debate

The youngest to ever do it. The boy wonder once again enters the ring with veterans standing next to him. If we remember the last time Nasty was with vets in the game he had the best verse ever. I know what you thinking so let me leave it right there. My bones are also telling me that we may get a Roc Nation subliminal somewhere in there.

4.Trend Alert

It goes without saying that this song will trend on the day. But the other thing which I am guessing is that it will be the most downloaded track here on the site and make it on our top 5 downloads.

5.This will be Vigi's x Collab Of The Year Song

Lastly I would be pretty lame if I did not shout out Vigi in this ting. Will Vigi will have a contender for collab of the year? I think he will. Radio will prolly jump on this record it x TV will prolly jump on it as well x hopefully the awards peeps will also jump on it.

Well there you have it that's me and my guess work. I really hope its not on some number two stuff. But if you think I'm talking number two's please feel free to comment in the comment section after the jump.