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5 Things To Have For @CassperNyovest #FillUpOrlandoStadium

I'm assuming that everyone has their sights set on Fill Up Orlando Stadium next Saturday, so I decided to compile a survival checklist based on my experience at Fill Up The Dome and other concerts that I've attended. If you don't have your tickets yet then Computicket is your friend for that shandis. You'll need to hurry up if you're planning to get golden circle because those are almost out. Don't be the guy asking us to RT your "Does anyone have a golden ticket?" tweet on the day, nobody likes that guy.

Okay, now that we are done with the pleasantries, let's get to it.

1. Cash

Gualas, guap, racks. You have to have that. For a range of reasons. Including, but not limited to, snacks, drinks for yourself, drinks for the girl that you've just met and are trying to impress, merchandise, souvenirs and the likes. Then there's obviously getting to and from the place. Just withdraw enough to be safe.

2. Tissue

Obviously not the roll. Those pocket tissues. There's even some for gents now, because the lines are starting to get blurred. How? You ask. If you were chilling in golden circle at Fill Up The Dome, you might have seen a gent, wearing a red Uzzi sweater, I'd drop a pic but I don't think it will make it past editorial. Anyway, that dude was crying thug tears during Doc Shebeleza, no but a lot of them. In fact, it was the "Does anyone have tissue for this guy?" type thug tears so don't say I didn't tell you.

3. Portable Charger

AKA power bank. Lol, see what I did there? Nevermind! But yo, that thing is the plug! Haha, see what I did there? Like plug because it plugs int... you people don't deserve me. Anyway, just to make sure that your devices don't die before you get that girl's (from point #1) number. And also because Snapchat is the new autograph.

4. Music Knowledge

I said Music Knowlwdge for lack of a better word/ phrase. But what I meant was, lyrics! Know those things. It's a Cassper concert, you don't have an excuse. The dude actually does entire songs in acapella because the crowd usually knows the lyrics. You don't want the girl you just bought drinks for with the cash I told you to bring, leaving you for another dude because you can't sing the new national anthem.

2 Legit, that is.

5. Digital Camera

I won't lie, I was looking at people who were recording Fill Up The Dome on some "kanti, why are you here?" but about a week later, I saw some videos on Youtube and I thought, damn! It would be pretty dope to have these in your archives just so you can come back and relive the moment whenever you feel like it. So yes, I'm converted. Amen!

Ps. Cassper Nyovest has confirmed that the Fill Up The Dome DVD will be available from Friday, 21 October 2016. However, fans will get a sneak peek of the DVD material during a special broadcast on Channel O tomorrow, 20th of October 2016, at 7pm.