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5 Things That Made Us Go “For Real" From @MrCashTime #AskKO Twitterview

Yesterday K.O hosted a Twitterview with SA Hip Hop fans all the way from London where they got to ask him anything in the sky from his upcoming album, what soccer team he supports and even some relationship advice.

Now the Twitterview had topics that we have heard before from KO during our numerous discussions x interviews with him here at SlikourOnLife so I tried to find the interesting things which were new and thought provoking from his Twitterview. Bascially things that made me go FOR REAL?

Peep the 5 things that made us go “For Real” from @mrcashTime @AskKO

1.He is cool with Ntukza.. FOR REAL !


I stand to be corrected but everytime CashTime is open to answering questions by the fans on social media this question always comes up. Is Ntukza and Cash Time good? The answer from KO (and general Cash Time Lafamilia) is that they are good and that’s his brother for life.

2.There will be a TearGas album .. FOR REAL !


Yes you read right. I have the tweet to prove that he said this as well. You should be expecting a teargas album in the near future. I guess this learning clarifies the first learning on the relationship between Ntukza and KO because Ntukza is in Teargas right?

3.He will be making a track with Trey Songz.. FOR REAL !


Word is K.O is trying to find the right track with Trey Songz and then they are good to go. According to KO only time will tell cause they are trying to make sure they get the right sound at this point. If I had to guess it’s a Skhanda Love type record but on some RNB vibe. You agree?

4.He will make a song with Cassper and AKA when they end their beef. FOR REAL !


The cool thing about these twitterviews is that you get the answer as clean, crisp and less sugar coated as you want it. Plus its cool that ‘some of these characters’ (see what I did there) live forever on the internet. Okay I was trying to make that characters sentence cool so lets move along. KO will only make a track with Caspper and aka when the beef is over. This statement is loaded and is also very dope because it shows that KO does not want these two cats to be beefing and these twitter wars because people can really get angry ‘over some characters”.

5.He is paying attention to Emtee and Nasty C FOR REAL !

The last final thing we learned is that he is currently paying attention to Nasty C X Emtee like all of us right now. This is dope cause a vet like KO is acknowledging the youngins in the game.

Those are the 5 'for real' things we learnt.

For Real x For Real