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5 Thing You'll Know About @BlakLez_SA After Watching His Interview On #OnLifeTV


He needed to dig so deep into himself to write some of the songs which lead him to being hospitalised for depression. The album carries a lot of pain, loss and a need to be accepted for who he is.


His grandmother told him that our generation gives up on love quickly. She had to marry her sisters husband cause her sister passed away a few weeks before the wedding and her grandfathers family had already paid lobola. Her grandmother was 17 at the time and wasnt ready to get married especially to a man that supposedly wasnt for her.In time she learned to love her grandfather and thats a story of resilience that our generation is to fickle to accept.


He has had a few encounters with fans that have been touched by his music but the stand out moment was when a fan was fighting to get backstage to speak to him and security wouldn't allow it. He saw the scuffle and asked the security to let the fan in. The fan came in and told him that he wanted to commit suicide and Freedom Or Fame was the song that saved him. That night Black Lez went back to his hotel and realised the impact of his music. That made him cry throughout the night.

Album Title:

Broken Mans Dream is really inspired by a whole lot of his dreams or expectation that have been broken and at the same time acknowledging that his probably not alone. Every civil person wants their mother to be around their lives and wants to consistently raise their child in they house hold. Unfortunately Blak Lez doesnt have that and this is makes part of the Broken Mans Dream. Everyone has some type of expectation thats been broken and thats what inspired the title of the album.


The single Spoko is sampled from a Lebo Mathosa joint the video is on the way.
I have to close with something light.

Make sure you catch our conversation on Onlife TV next week its super real,insightful and inspiring. Black Lez is a troubled soul like all of us thats working on himself everyday.