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5 South African References From Kendrick Lamar's Producers Interview

We learned from Kendrick Lamar’s producers talkin about the making of “To Pimp A Butterfly” via Revolt on why this album was inspired by South Africa .

Its a powerful video but is hard to watch cause its not on  YouTube and the Revolt video player isn't too friendly.

This video explains the direction that Kendrick went with TPAB.

I mean its crystal clear why he said these lyrcis now

“Its funny how Zulu and Xhosa might go to war”

Read below the 5 reasons why Mzansi inspired Kendrick’s approach to TPAB & quotes by the producers

1. The album was inspired by his trip to South Africa

Kendricks Producers

“When he went to Africa he came back a whole different person. His eyes got wider to life and what’s going on over there”

CNN Xenophobia Images

“You have to understand that we fighting a war over here. Crip vs Blood. We think its intense but there is a whole other stuff happening over there. There’s a whole other way of dealing with life”

kendrick with kids in South Africa “I think him going over there seeing and feeling that and bringing that spirit over here to Los Angeles it shifted a few things to”

2. Robben Island

“We went to go visit Nelson Mandelas cell and he was just sitting there soaking it all up. He was just in the zone”

3. He paid attention to South Africa’s history

ZuluTribe “There was just so much history. I mean even going to the island. The energy and vibe was just crazy. Kendrick is one of those people that just feeds off those vibes”

4. It was not just about reading about ancestors

“One of the things about going to Africa is that you seeing your Ancestors. You not just reading about them”

5. It’s a celebration of being black and African

“Africa is black you know. I mean him going back to his roots and him identfying more about being black and seeing that black is a real thing you know & you want to know”

Kendrick Lamar Pictures In South Africa