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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Spamming Your Link To MC's

1. Artist Cant Help An Artist

You might see some of your favorite artists on SABC,Channel O and Vuzu and confuse that with success. Sometimes dudes have a foot in and over time could be influential but not everyone thats on television has some sort of power to put you on. Remember if you going to a gunfight you dont come with a knife.You want to blow up make sure you speak to the guys that are behind the made guys.

2.Spam Is Spam

This one is pretty straight forward sometimes artists want to have their social media pages for communicating with their followers. Unless you sending a link with a specific mandate it doesnt help tagging 6 artists with you link. Its a sign of desperation. If you meet your favorite artists try speak to them and if they dont give you their number ask them to follow you on twitter so you can send them a link. Thats more personal than tagging six artists in one tweet.

3.We Coming To Get Your Spot….

Famous last words of most up and coming artists. Nobody wants to give away their spot so if you want any attention have a more creative approach. It doesnt make sense helping someone who's aiming to take your spot.

4 Artist Are Hustling Their Own Careers

There levels of success in the industry some people have mega success and money but they dont have the experience to run a label. I'd call this the first tier.The second tier artists are on radio,television and might have a clothing brand sponsorship. The latter make up 95% of the commercial music industry. They all trying to get to the first tier. In the process they cant simultaneously reach out and make another person bigger than them. Therefore if you depend on them you'll remain third tier so rather make your own path.

5 Social Media Is Making Y'all Lazy.

Find out the key people at the radio and television stations. Get real feedback on your music and stop assuming your music is good. Nowadays social media is misleading a lot of artists and there isn't enough people working on their craft. A retweet and a like on social media is making guys think they've gone gold or platinum creating egos. Then when they enter the real word of established artists,stations and broadcasters they get shocked when they dont get love cause social media has gassed them.