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5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For @Smashis EP

Smashis has been rather mum about when he’s dropping that EP which in my opinion may be most waited upon music by any SA Rapper. You see its not just an EP but a lot rests on this EP and how Smash will approach it in terms of sound, features and the attitude it will carry. Before you ask yes we also pondering whether he will touch on the CashtTimeLife sitch in any of the records. Now that I have mentioned CashTime how about we focus on Zingah and give you reasons why we cant wait for the EP.

“ICashTime ingidumisile iStarter manje ngifuna kusinde iZaka”

  1. What does Smashis the solo artist sound like
    Look its very hard to find your own way or path when you venture on the solo route. Its hard cause you have to focus full heartedly on your sound and you got nobodys energy to feed off. I reckon this is what I cant wait to hear on this Smashis EP. When you are in a group you always can rely on the next guy to go hard so you can also go hard. This time Smash is solo and for this reason I cant wait for what he sound likes on a full length EP
  2. Point to prove
    Ask Smashis and he will tell you that he got something to prove to himself and you the listener. If he did not think this way I doubt he would have waited till this long to drop the EP. So the point to prove in this regard is more on how this project will land, who will listen to it and what do they need to take out after listening it. WILL YOU? Take smashis as an Underdog or a cat just like the rest of SA Hip Hop royalty?

  3. His pen game
    I started taking note of Zingah after that Penmanship joint. He really did it for me here on the flow he delivered and the ease that he paints a story. He also sounds mad nice on the vernac delivery of the joint. It’s hard to ignore Smash with the type of flow on Penmanship. So the question is how has he sharpened his pencil for his coming EP?

  4. His place in the game
    As we near #5 by now you should be asking yourself where Smashis fits in the broader game of SA Hip Hop. Is he coming from the number one spot? I have a feeling that this EP will do a lot to get eyeballs on him again. A radio record is a no brainer, a feature with a big time artist could stretch his appeal somehow. Question is who will he collaborate with? I know im asking a lot of questions but work with me here, this is the type of effect that a long awaited project can do especially if you a conspiracy theorist like me. Anyway before I lose my train of thought Smashis has a place in SA Hip Hop. I can tell you know that this EP will do more to cement this.

  5. It sets the tone for an album
    The last reason why you we can’t wait for the EP is that it will prolly set the tone for the album. Okmalumkoolkat broke down the concept of why artists should drop EP’s and how they always set the tone for an album. This idea totally makes sense cause you can’t be just releasing a project without an album in mind.