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5 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Is Good For Meek Mill's Career

I know you been thinking about it. We all have been. Is Nicki good or bad for Meeks career? Lets chop down the 5 reasons why Nicki is good for Meeks career.

Like many rappers before him Meek may be entering an interesting run if he plays the power couple strategy the best way to play it.When you add two power celebs like these two then money, fame and pr appearances matter when it comes to the bottom line. Think of any rapper and notice what happened to their careers when they started dating a female mc. Yip the content becomes more interesting. But eish Wiz x Future should be excluded from this list. Moving along.

Here are your 5 reasons why Niki Minaj is good for Meek Mill's career

1.He Will Win Over The Barbies.

So does that mean that Meek is Ken? Jokes but on the real though when it comes to a fan base Nicki's fans are hella out there and very passionate. If you Meek Mill you prolly thinking "aite how many barbies can I win over after this album release"

5 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Is Good For Meek Mills Career

2.A Calmer Meek

Meek Mill shouts alot in his records.This is not a shot but it is what it is with Meek, you either listen to his music when you wanna get psyched up before an important meeting or when you about to pound the gym. Whatever you do though Meek will always be in your ear screaming that trill ish. Not bad though cause his music still go hard af and its street to the core. But with Nicki on his side Meek may start making more calming music that is on some ballad rnb type ish to appeal to all the moist homies outchea. The main single featuring Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj was actually Nicki's input.

5 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Is Good For Meek Mills Career

3.The Perfect Date

Nicki Minaj has one thing going for her. No don't be dirty and think about what you thinking. That ass flirting Nicki is probably over now and I think with her Meek situation we'll start seeing a more lady like Nicki. Hopefully she won't be kissing other rappers in her videos like Nas. Time will tell though. But for Meek Niki its the perfect Matric Dance date (Grammys Awards etc etc). You can just win the crowd when you enter any room. Does this mean Meek will leave the streets. Who knows?
5 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Is Good For Meek Mills Career

4. Meek Will Clean Up

I know Meek is on that #PumaLife. But a girl like Niki makes you want to ditch the sneaks for abit and just lace on a suit and cufflinks? Im talking about champers on a yacht, not that Meek aint used to this but certainly a clean up is in store somehow. Does Meek then still wear the same socks? A girl like Nicki will clean you up. Watch how Meek's dress code will change. Don't say I did not tell you.

5 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Is Good For Meek Mills Career

5. All You Need Is Love

Look ignore all the other points above I was just building you up to this point. I played you all along, big deal. But in all honesty its dope for a homie like Meek to be with a girl like Nicki. It shows that Hip Hop has a soft spot. However you see it Meek should be a good boy and stick with a girl like Nicki cause she will challenge him. Meek is already talking about trying to make money like her.
What will be dope is to hear some more music from these two. Even though we know Joe Budden won't be feeling that.

5 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Is Good For Meek Mills Career