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5 Reasons Why @L_Tido Social Media Game Won't Slow Down In 2016

Okay I predict that L-Tido will have a strong music year. Via Twitter he said his album will drop in April.He will be trending for many more funny things on social media other than rap. If you have been paying close attention L-Tido is slowly mastering the art of social media. Whether its falling off stages,changing his name to 16V,posting a picture that has an interesting view,calling Pulane and all her assets to be on a music video, L-Tido is using social in a way that no rapper is currently doing from what I can see.

Because these things amuse me or better yet intrigue and spark random thoughts I decided to pen down 5 Reasons Why @L_Tido Social Media Game Won't Slow Down In 2016

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Reason#1. He keeps it simple

It would be lame of me if I did not start this whole piece without diving into the most spoken about viral video in 2016 at the moment.

I mean the genius of this piece is that there are so many things happening in the video. The booze,the way he is pouring the drink. But the real magic here is how genuine he is and how he wishes everyone a happy 2016.

Reason#2.He makes fun of himself

L-Tido falling off stage was mad funny. It looks like the way he fell was seriously sore but thats not the story here. The real story is that L-Tido broke this story to the world. Yip he was the one who posted a video of himself falling off stage. The genius here is that in a sport like hip hop where ego's are everything Tido discounted all of this and made fun of himself. Now that takes some guts.

Reason#3.He keeps us guessing


The only 16V I know is Doctor Khumalo, I don't know why L-tido is calling himself this but it could have something to do with the year 2016. The name change happened sometime in late 2015 and since then we have never got the full reason why he changed his name on social media.We are still wondering and social media is a great place to get your audience curios for more.

Reason#4.He goes where no man has gone


If you told me that Dlala Ka Yona would have a music video that would star Pulane the first thing I would ask you is how much did they pay her to star in the role? and where is the video shoot happening? cause I would like to be part of the extra cast. Okay Im joking I would not want to be part of the cast but that aint such a bad thought. The truth in this lesson is that L-Tido managed to get Pulane to be in a music video. How did L-Tido do it ? What was Pulane's reaction when she got the invite? These are all the questions we have asked but L-Tido knows the real answers and this is why he has gone where no man has gone

Reason#5.He keeps recreating himself

The last lesson is more of a compliment than a lesson. L-Tido social media game is something to marvel at because he keeps reinventing himself with every post that he puts out when its curated the perfect way. Its crazy to think this dude has been around and is still in the conversation.