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5 Reasons @ErickRush x @Real_Tellaman Need To Release Music Now

Both these cats are hella talented. They've proven that they are forces to be reckoned with in the SA hip hop game, but for some reason, they are slept on. Regardless of countless features, TV appearances and endorsements by established artists, they don't seem to have their names securely fixed on the list of top acts to look out for.

These are some of the reasons why we think this is the perfect time for them to drop a Roll Up or Juice Back type of record.

1. Bar Hair Features

Both were featured three times on what was arguably the biggest digital album in the country right now, Bad Hair. Some have even gone as far as calling it a collaborative album between Nasty, Tellaman and Rush. Dropping a joint right now, while Bad Hair is still a hot topic will definitely push their numbers.

2. The Hustle - Erick Rush

You might remember Erick Rush from the reality style hip hop show The Hustle which aired on VuzuAmp late last year. We got to see a 360 view of the emcee. An opportunity which most upcoming artists can only dream of. Coincidentally, Proverb - one of the judges- sited a lack of hunger as one of the reasons why he was eliminated. A quality he needs to display now more than ever.

3. DJ Speedsta - #Mayo x Tellaman

Hip Hop heavyweight DJ Speedsta did Tellaman one better by tagging him on his smash hit Mayo. A feature which Tellaman totally bodied by the way. Perhaps he should carry that momentum into creating his own blow-up joint.

4. The Year Of The Freshmen

Every year, the hip hop gods allow for at least two or three come-ups. Last year Emtee and Nasty were graced with the fortune, however, this year we have an influx of potential come-ups for The Freshman Of The Year crown creating fair opportunity, which even a single banger, can see them fill.

5. Forming A Core Following

They have both received serious clout. However, it has come from a lot of different platforms. This can get a little tricky, because hip hop is very broad, with a lot of different audiences. So the hype that has developed around them might just be recognition and not necessarily fandom. A succession of hit records will help them pave their individual lanes and also form a core following.