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4 Things We Want To Hear On @Maezeedoesit's Album - Township Counsellor

Ma- E is dropping his album on the 18th of March and although he is from one of South Africa's most successful hip hop groups he has always been the one who says less in public but the most approachable in the streets. Township Counsellor will now require him to step up in the media world and be seen as an individual and not as part of a group or a clique.
Here are 5 reasons why you need to lookout for the Township Counseller.

Veteran Status:

Ma-E has just over ten years in the industry as a hip hop artist.His involvement in the scene today is not minor and I can honestly use one hand to count hip hop artists who share the same relevance. Let me count them for you with my one hand.KO, Khuli Chana and I wish I could say myself but nah. DA L.E.S was close but everybody knows........ almost doesn't count.

Debut Honesty:

Nas had Illmatic, JayZ had Reasonable Doubt,KO had Skhanda Republic. First album charm brings out the best of an artist. Its all the ideas that they've had since they considered pursuing music as a profession. Township Counsellor will give us a glimpse of whats been going on in Ma-E's minds as a person. Solo albums afford artists to pour their hearts out. The last time Ma-E made a song cry was with Teargas on Chance and still that was a group effort.

Address The Relationship With Ntukza:

If you dont know by now Ntukza was not only a Teargas member with Ma-E but they also brothers. It would be interesting to hear why he decided to establish Cashtime Life with KO and not ride with Ntukza? Are they cool? Do they talk during thanksgiving?... ok black people dont really do that so maybe lets say do they share the same watermelon and eat the same turkey on Christmas when the family comes together? We want to know.

Speak To The Ghetto:

The rap game has changed and the last time we had an artist that embodied the ghetto headspace or mannerisms was when Pro Kid was around. We obviously dont expect Ma- E to be the spitter Pro Kid is but the hood has been looking for some representation for a minute. I mean we've had our fair share of ghetto hits like Ngud',Caracara,Doc Shebeleza or Boss Zonke but we short of an individual or person who the hood can claim, which is different from a song that they can claim. Will the Township Counsellor fulfil the role?

What else do you think we need to hear from Ma-E's project? Let us know on the comment section and who knows he might postpone his release and go back to the studio to meet our expectations:) Not.