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5 Of The ILLEST Quotes From Nas During His Complex Interview On Lauren Hill x Major Key

Nas chopped it up with complex on his he got on Khaleds album x how he cleared the Lauren Hill sample x where his album is at. Because you want to get the gist of the story I compiled 5 of the illest quotes from that interview.

The Source Is Complex ... ( lol you get this joke right)

Peep the 5 ills quotes after the jump

1.Nas here is talking about origins of Hip Hop

People don't care about history, and history is so entertaining. It's great to dig up those treasures and polish them off and give people something that came before even they got here.

2.How he linked up with DJ Khaled

Khaled hit me up and said that he wanted to do this and we had planned some studio days to sit down and we cleared some studio days just to go over records. He knew exactly what he wanted

3.How Nas cleared the Fugees sample

No, that was all Khaled. I texted Ms. Lauryn Hill to ask her if she was cool, she said she was cool. She signed off on it, she gave me the approval. I don't have the rest of the Fugees' phone numbers, so I hit Salaam Remi who worked with the Fugees and he signed off on it. I just wanted to get her blessing and we were good.

4.Nas on his album. Some one please get Anthony Saleh on the phone. lol

All we're doing now is plotting when we're dropping.

5.Nas on his career thus far

It's real cool. You had the luxury before of sitting back for the most parts, because on other labels, I had a bunch of people who did everything for me. Now, it's more hands-on. It's a relief. It's a great feeling.