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5 Most Slept On Tracks In The First Half Of 2015

Maggz -Cho Dlozi - Download Here

I can't tell you why this song never blew up except that maybe it wasn't followed up by a visual when it dropped. Maggz is probably the most featured rapper which could mean his probably the most liked but I guess his career is also an example of how he always holds people down for their singles and when ever he drops he doesnt get the same love reciprocated from his peers. The good news though is that Maggz has announced a video for the song. Hopefully with the right sampling it will pick up. I think like many people who are fans of the music I want to see Maggz win. This single can still blow and be larger than what it is but only time will tell. Make sure you download the track, spread it and stop sleeping on the kid.

Blayze Mean To Be -Download Here

This is one of my favourite Blayze tracks. A video is also on the way so hopefully it will reach more people. Blayze is one of the artists that makes dope music but is sometimes overlooked or maybe its just not his time yet. The videos for songs like Suka and Hammer show how he applies his mind to his content. Is he probably ahead of his time? Is the market too saturated to hear Blayze? Well I hope if you reading this you pay attention and download the track.

Dj Switch Raphanda Wena Wetsang - Download Here

One would think anything that Cassper puts his name on would work,especially a track that uses a sample made popular by TkZee and with a catchy chorus like Raphanda Wena Wetsang. Well the lesson learned here is that if Cassper Nyovest puts his mind to push something it works but if he doesnt put in the effort it will exist. Therefore one can assume that everything that Cassper has achieved has been based on the work he put in to push it. Dj Switch's Switch Up was my favourite DJ album last year and I think not only was the song slept on but I think Switch's ear for beat selection and making a track is really overlooked. Musically Dj Switch's album the Switch up is the most cohesive album from a Dj in the mainstream.In my opinion he is able to draw the line between making a dope song with dope raps and at the same time make it have mass appeal. Think about the Switch Up, Party On The Weekend and even Raphanda.

Priddy Ugly Bula Boot Download Here

Partly cause his not known much as his counterparts but he has a lot of potential to be a superstar. He has the image and has a good ear for music and this track is an example of that. I think its only a matter time till the country knows about Priddy Ugly and if he keeps knocking out these type of joints anything is possible. This is one of those dope songs that won't be heard by many but will be a great contributor in the build up to his career.

Some Christian aren't feeling Reasons, some creatives or wannabe artists are defending his art. On something less controversial Endurance had a superstar online build up and after the video dropped on traditional media there was no post online push. I never even knew the video this video was out till now. This song had all the right promtional elements but they weren't rolled out cohesively and I think that made it suffer.

What are your thought which songs do you think we missed?