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5 Most Read Stories Last Week On

Anati Talks His Response To Composure x Work Done On Refiloe x With International Artists

The interview conduced by Dot Com was the most watched on the site from last week. Its no secret that Anati is fully behind Cassper FillUpTheDome x he also responds to AKA calling him out on Composure.

Watch the most watched interview of the week here

Social Media Responds To MTN Cassper

Last week was an important week for the youth of South Africa. What was also important is the recent collab that Cassper announced with MTN. So these two things go together cause Cassper is loved by youth and showed what happens when you work hard and dream big

Click here to see what people had to say about Casspers biggest endorsement deal this far

Watch the exclusive video of Cassper signing his biggest endorsement deal here

SA Hip Hop Reacts To Fees Must Fall

As the youth of South Africa last month was an important week in our journey to fighting for what we believe in. SA rappers also took part in the marches and showed their support to the students.
Click here to see what SA Hip Hop said x did

Meek Mill Responds To Wale That He Brought A Knife To A Gun Fight

Its not the first time that these two stable mates have had a tiff. Well seems like Meek Mill did not shy back on calling out Wale again after that Drake beef between Meek x Wale
Meek Mill really did not hold back when replying to Wale's comment. Click here to read his comment

Okamlumkoolkat Talks Making Of Ilife Music Video x His Mixtape x AKA Cassper Beef

Closing out this weeks most read stories is this Okmalumkoolkat interview with DotCom. Now there was loads that these two could have spoken about but y'all all wanted to know what he think of "Thats the problem with you new school cat line" right?
Peep what Okmalumkoolkat thinks about AKA Cassper Beef by clicking here